PCV Community - Abe


Co-Owner People's Champ Vintage 

Cooking, D&D, watching old movies

Favourite musician/artist:
The Gorillaz 

Favourite movie/book/tv show:
Goodfellas/Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas/Chappelle's Show

What superpower would you want to have?

Have you started any new projects during lockdown?
Trying to read and paint more

What got you interested in vintage?
I've always been interested in and fascinated by history. I was drawn to the individual story that each peice of clothing has as well as the history behind the brands and graphics. 

Is there anything specific that you gravitate towards?
Alot of art based shirts, especially 80s pop art. 

Do you have a favourite piece in your collection?
Be too hard to pick just one, but often the newest peice will be my favorite, at least temporarily. 
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