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Artist, painter. I was working at a bar and a café before the pandemic! 


Reading, writing, hoarding vintage. A little guitar, piano, and vocals when the time is right. 

Favourite musician/artist: 

This is a hard question. I always come back to Patti Smith.

Favourite movie/book/tv show: 

Movie: Hmm. My current favorite is probably Wild at Heart.

Book: Tropic of Cancer, or anything by Didion. 

TV Show: The Sopranos. 

What superpower would you want to have?

 I think being able to shape shift would be absolutely brilliant.

Have you started any new projects during lockdown? 

Mostly I'm just painting and trying to bury my head into my work. I have a few commissions I have to finish up, as well as a couple of collaborations that I can't talk about just yet!

What got you interested in vintage? 

Vintage was never really a thing in my household growing up. I went to a thrift store for the first time in middle school with a friend, and I absolutely lost it. There were so many treasures and weird items I had never even heard of. Moving to the city also really fueled the fire. You can say what you want about Toronto, but the vintage selection here is killer.

Is there anything specific that you gravitate towards?

 I think what's special about vintage is that you don't always know you need something until you find it. I don't usually go in with an idea. I love hoarding old books, weird toys, lighting, and magazines. I used to go to this junk store in Kensington Market and buy lots of weird memorabilia and old photographs. I literally have bins of weird scraps! It's wild. I also have a pretty incredible collection of vintage clothing. I gravitate towards things that feel special to me I suppose. I've fallen into a pretty deep 80's hole as of late. Lots of shoulder pads. Otherwise I'm always looking for a good cuban heel with a pointed toe.

Do you have a favourite piece in your collection? 

I always have such a hard time with favorites. Maybe this insane Gunne Sax dress that I don't know when I'll ever get to wear. I always like the idea of being theatrical with everyday outfits.


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