PCV Community - Wyatt

Instagram handle(s): 
@ndfuneralservices / @physde_d

Co-Owner People's Champ Vintage 

Hobbies: taking mediocre pictures, painting/collaging, reworking/repairing clothing

Favourite musician/artist:

Favourite movie/book/tv show:
Space Jam 
Neon Genesis Evangelion <--- If anyone has any NGE Shirts in XL send a DM

What superpower would you want to have?

Have you started any new projects during lockdown?
Throughout both lockdowns I've been cooking way more often than I have in the past so it's been interesting finding/learning new things to make. During this current lockdown I've been managing my fantasy basketball team heavily. 

What got you interested in vintage?
In highschool I was into vintage clothing and knickknacks but when I moved to Toronto in 2013 I became even more enamoured with finding and collecting unique items that tell a story. What I find most interesting is finding strange or out of place items and researching them. Learning more about the history of stuff that may not necessarily be the most eye-catching immediately continues to fuel my interest in vintage. 

Is there anything specific that you gravitate towards? 
I've grown collections of tshirts and nostalgic stuff from my childhood, but most notably I've found that I am most interested in vintage sweatshirts and old records. I've recently started an account called physde_d which is helping fuel this obsession for unique sweatshirts.  

Do you have a favourite piece in your collection?
My favourite piece in my collection is a 1980s Toronto Star satin bomber jacket that was my grandfathers when he worked there as a delivery driver before retring in the early 90s. 

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