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It’s been a pleasure sourcing and selling vintage over the years. We have had an incredible amount of luck sourcing some really interesting and unique true vintage pieces. We’ve overhauled the “Archive” section of our website to feature some of our favourite pieces that we’ve sold over the last year. Some of our favourite items to source for our customers are true vintage garments from the 60s or earlier. The majority of vintage dealers would define something as true vintage if it was made before the 1970s when polyester began being used widely in most commercially produced garments. It is our belief that this term will shift over the coming years to include garments from the 1970s as well. Over time as “true vintage” clothing (as defined by current standards) becomes more scarce  with pieces from this era either in the hands of collectors or being lost to time the definition will eventually need to change. A great way to look at second hand items is on a timeline  of 10, 20, and 50 years. In this way we can classify garments that are 10 years old as retro, garments that are 20 years old as vintage, and garments that are 50 years or older as true vintage. We’d love to know what you think about this classification or if you have a favourite true vintage piece you’ve acquired from us.

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I appreciate this distinction, I feel like after leaving the auction industry I miss the idea of looking at pieces as representations of a narrative not just value. I’m eager to learn more. In particular when looking at the space between retro and vintage and what people will consider hard lines when discussing categorization.

Big Daddy T

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